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In Swedish

This is the story about four sisters. Their mother, Majvor, was an alcoholic who spent most of her time among society’s outcasts. Therefore her daughters were taken away from her and placed on nursery homes, in orphanages or with foster parents.

In the documentary “Daughters of the system” we meet Susanne, Anette, Marita and Annelie. Today they are around 40 years old and all of them have strong memories from being raised by the commonwealth. Susanne recalls how she was advertised in the countryside magazine; “Four year old girl wishes a summer home”. That would be the start of a chaotic childhood for Susanne who was sent around to 16 different family homes. Annelie, the youngest sister, is marked from a life of drug abuse and prostitution. Today she lives in a home for former drug addicts. A shelter of kittens, teddy bears and Spice girl’s posters protects her from the outside world. Only a news paper article on the wall reminds her of her former life in the streets.

Although the sisters have four different stories to tell, they all share a strong feeling of alienation and all through their life they have longed desperately for affinity. There have been occasional contact between some of the sisters, but they have never met all four of them. Now, after four decades of longing, they will finally gather at their mother’s grave. Spread out all over Sweden, they start to prepare for the big day. There are a lot of expectations but there is also anxiety.